Ruthin Repair Cafe

Canolfan Naylor Leyland Centre, Well Street
December 3, 2022

In general, repair cafés are pop up events held on regular dates where the local community can get their broken household items fixed.

Repair café events reduce waste, teach skills and build community resilience.

The events are run by volunteers who will try to fix anything that is brought to them. Typical items include electrical goods, technology, ornaments, clothes, bicycles for basic maintenance & guidance, jewellery and more! (Except Microwaves as they are too dangerous.)

Bring along your broken or damaged item and our volunteer repairers will try to fix it, for free. You can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, and chat to your fellow neighbours while you wait. We’ll even show you how it is done too if you like!

The Ruthin Repair Cafe serves the local community in helping to get their broken items repaired for free by volunteers and learn how to fix things. The types of things we fix are clothes, small electrical items, decorative household items, bikes, guitars, toys, guitars, flutes and clarinets. We're pleased to have also added software support to our list of available services. Donations welcome.

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