Record Street Celebrates the Jubilee

Record Street Shows Us How It's Done!

The residents of Record Street came out in force for a Jubilee Street Party and celebrated into long into the night. Thank's to Dr Dan Muckle-Jones for sharing his experience and photos with us.

"Despite a met office yellow warning for heavy rain, Ruthin’s irrepressible Record Street community proudly went ahead with their Platinum Jubilee street party on Sunday 5th June. 

The street was closed with the council’s blessing and bedecked with a variety of bunting, flags of various nationalities, and the by now legendary 8-foot rainbow.  The show opened with a rendition of “Don’t rain on my parade” and the clouds kindly obliged, limiting their efforts to at worst a mere light drizzle.  This never stopped the dancing to the eclectic mix of 1940s big band music, disco, funk, rock and dance tracks. 

Highlights included the inevitable street dance to the Macarena, and an elderly neighbour joining the conga with her wheeled walker.  Honourable mentions go to Ewa for her incredible Jubilee pudding made from scratch (it took 2 days!) and Clare for coordinating the quiz. It was also lovely to be joined by Nick and Pauline from Derby, who had returned to celebrate the anniversary of their wedding in Ruthin 20 years earlier and found themselves unable to resist the festivities on the street. 

The dancing went on till 10 pm and my knees have still not recovered. " 

Dr Dan.