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Ruthin Pledges To Become Carbon Neutral By 2030

Posted on March 7, 2022

Ruthin has pledged to become a Carbon Neutral town by 2030.

Thanks to efforts by Ruthin Friends of The Earth and Town Councillor Mike Van Der Eijk, a new Climate and Ecological Emergency Task Group will be created in the community to push forward with efforts to achieve this goal.

The pledge was made by Ruthin Town Council in response to a motion raised by Councillor Mike Van Der Eijk, and thanks to efforts by Ruthin Friends of the Earth, a motion passed that commits the town to reduce its emissions and offsetting any remaining emissions through sustainable practices.

"Most people are aware of issues around climate change and how our behaviours can influence this. The motion which was passed has at its heart the need to promote an active role for all public and private bodies, working in partnership with the community. In a direct sense, it means that all council decisions will need to be considered in terms of their impact upon the environment and climate change.

Town councillors will ensure that this is carried out by liaison with Friends of the Earth and other groups and then reporting and feeding back to the Town Amenities Committee and the full council.  Much has already been done by these voluntary groups with council support to maintain and improve our environment which helps to make where we live a good place while helping to combat global warming.

Many good examples exist of how we can take care of our environment to maintain bio-diversity and reduce our use of finite resources by recycling, reusing and repurposing. If everyone does a little it adds up to a lot!"

- Clr Mike Van Der Eijk

The motion raised has been welcomed by local groups and support so far has been encouraging. Below is a statement from Ruthin Friends of The Earth Group;

Ruthin Town Council declares Climate and Ecological Emergency

On 21st February, Ruthin Town Council approved a motion by Councillor Michael van der Eijk, declaring a climate and ecological emergency, pledging to work towards making Ruthin carbon neutral by 2030 at the latest. The Town Council will now establish a Climate and Ecological Emergency Task Group to work with the local community, which will regularly report back to full council via the Amenities Committee, in order to deliver a climate and emergency policy and action plan. The Town’s declaration was in support of a similar pledge by Denbighshire County Council, and was made after studying documents provided by Ruthin Friends of the Earth. 

Ruthin Friends of the Earth expressed appreciation for the various steps that the Town Council has taken since the COP 26 climate conference in 2021, such as supporting tree and wildflower planting, the Plastic Free Ruthin initiative, and the ‘Celebrating Green Ruthin’ event in St Peter’s Church last November.  Nia Baker, Chair of Ruthin Friends of the Earth said, “Ruthin Town Council’s declaration of a climate and ecological emergency is a great example of the need to think globally, act locally.  The declaration means that any relevant actions and decisions by the Town Council must take into account their climate and ecological impact. We will be closely following the Amenities Committee’s reports on progress towards developing a practical action plan for achieving local carbon neutrality. We also look forward to working closely with the Council as we develop more initiatives such as our Repair Cafes, which take place on the first Saturday of every month in the Naylor Leyland Centre.”

People wanting to learn more about Ruthin Friends of the Earth or to become involved with their work can find them on Facebook.

- Ruthin Friends Of The Earth Press Release - 23 Feb 2022
FOE Ruthin

More updates from this motion and from Friends of the Earth Ruthin are coming soon!

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